Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

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The 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton, then junior united states senator from New York, was announced on her website on January 20, 2007. Hillary Clinton was previously the First Lady of the United States and First Lady of Arkansas prior to her election as U.S. Senator from New York. She is also the wife of former President Bill Clinton.

Read the article and answer the questions about it below. The following lesson activities are based on the article "After Super Tuesday, Trump and Clinton Sprint While Others Stumble." Before Reading Look closely at the Super Tuesday results and answer the following questions: What do you notice.

MOBILE, Ala. – We hate to be the bearer of bad news and all. But not only did Donald Trump dominate the Super Tuesday vote across the country and win Alabama with 43 percent of the Republican votes cast. And not only did hillary clinton dominate the day across the country and win in Alabama with 77.8 percent of the Democratic votes cast.

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According to the popular polling website Five Thirty Eight, Hillary Clinton has a "greater than 99% chance" of winning Florida and North Carolina this coming Tuesday — Super Tuesday 3, for those counting at home — as well as a 98% chance of winning Ohio, a 95% chance of winning Illinois, and an 80% chance of winning Missouri.

Hillary Clinton: 'Another Super Tuesday for Our Campaign' (FULL SPEECH) Photograph: Alamy, Rex & David McCoy Donald Trump’s campaign budget was widely mocked on Tuesday as figures showed him paying his own companies and children while raising far less money than his rival.

Both categories are believed to represent about 25 percent of the electorate, meaning they essentially cancel each other out. Update (February 20, 12:45 p.m. PT): Entrance-poll numbers coming in.

During an afternoon rally in Cleveland, Clinton made no mention of Comey’s decision, perhaps calculating that once again reminding voters of the original email investigation would do more harm than.

Boomers Gave Us Clinton and Trump, the Grateful Dead and the Sharper Image. Everything we love and hate about ourselves is about to square off in a Boomer Battle Royale.

Excerpt: Super Tuesday was a bad night for the anti-Trump forces and a bad night for Rubio. It’s not the end, but it’s a disappointing setback. The worst news for trump foes: trump has won ten states. cruz has won four; Rubio, one.

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