United States v. Cristiano Machado, No. 16-16449 (11th Cir. 2018)

Machado argued that the district court should take judicial notice of 24 case: 16-16449 date filed: 03/30/2018 page: 25 of 33 Monteiro’s indictment and allow Machado to introduce evidence of the indictment to show that Machado was not aware of the misrepresentations in his loan applications and that Monteiro lied to and otherwise misled Machado.

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Cristiano Machado, No. 16-16449 (11th Cir. – United States v. Hayes, 40 F.3d 362, 366 (11th Cir. 1994). 19 Case: 16-16449 Date Filed: 03/30/2018 Page: 20 of 33 Machado contends that he suffered actual prejudice from being unable to locate persons and records associated with Transatlantic, the mortgage broker, after it went out of business.

Cristiano Machado, No. 16-16449 (11th cir. 2018) greater greater washington builds informed and civically engaged communities who believe in a growing and inclusive washington region and speak up for livable communities.

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United States v. Cristiano Machado, No. 16-16449 (11th Cir. 2018) vague in United States v. Vivas-Ceja, 808 F.3d 719 (7th cir. 2015), and then addressed the constitutionality of 924(c)(3)(B) in United States v. Cardena, 842 2 For the sake of comparison, 16 provides: The term "crime of violence" means . . .

Amodeo appealed the partial vacatur on the ground that the district court lacked the authority to enter it. The Eleventh Circuit dismissed his appeal. The partial vacatur caused him no injury, so Amodeo lacks standing to complain about it regardless of whether or not the district court possessed authority. view "United States v. Amodeo" on.